Exercise Ball Chair Tips

Exercise Ball Chair Yoga Ball Chair

Assembling the Exercise Ball Chair is painless and simple.  Most Exercise Ball Chairs come with instructions and all the parts needed to quickly and easily put together your chair.

Tip #1 – In our experience we have found that when first inflating your exercise ball, it is better to use a pump with more pressure that the one normally included.  Consider a bicycle pump.  In doing so, you are assured to inflate the exercise ball to the proper size.

Tip #2 – If your Exercise Ball Chair comes with locking wheels (Gaiam Balance Ball Chair), consider putting the two locking wheels on the back.  We have found that putting these two wheels at the back prevents inadvertently locking them with your foot.

Tip #3 – Read up on how to utilize the exercise ball to exercise different parts of your body.  With the Exercise Ball Chair the benefit is being able to remove the exercise ball after sitting to do ab exercises, leg exercises, and arm exercises as well as stretching and balance training.

Tip #4 – Sit up straight when using the Exercise Ball Chair!

Tip #5 – Have fun bouncing up and down!

Exercise Tips

One of the greatest benefits of using an exercise ball chair is that the chair gives a person free mobility to their hips and core while the person is sitting. Unfortunately, if you don’t move while you sit it is possible to develop bad posture.  Fortunately with the exercise ball chair, because of “active sitting” you are constantly moving and developing your core muscles while you sit.  The following three simple exercises are intended to be used while seated on your exercise ball chair to help exercise your body while you sit.

Hip roll exercise: when sitting on the chair simply rock the hips forward and backward by tilting the hips in either the forward or backward direction. As you are doing this, attempt to keep your upper body stable. If this exercise causes your discomfort or pain, reduce the amount of movement in either direction.

Diagonal hip roll exercise: a similar exercise to the hip roll exercise, but instead of rolling the hips backward and forward and side to side, the rock is in a diagonal direction.  With the intention of making an “X” motion with the hips, rock forward to the left first then back to the right, then forward to the right then back to the left.  Repeat this process in multiple repetitions.

Foot raise exercise: a little bit more advanced than the previous two exercises, in this exercise a person raises slightly one foot off of the ground while sitting straight-up in the correct position.  Continue by switching the legs back and forth, only holding each leg off of the ground for one to two seconds before alternating legs.

An oversight that some individuals make with an Exercise Ball Chair is that using the chair can’t be overdone.  This is not true.  To get maximum benefit from the Exercise Ball chair you should only sit on the ball for a few hours at a time.  Because your lower-back and core muscles are engaged and activated by sitting on the chair, using it for an extended period of time can cause a person to over-use these muscles.  For this reason it is highly recommended that a person slowly increase the period of time they spend sitting on the ball slowly over a couple of weeks.